Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Perth

Joondalup Podiatry Centre is one of the very first clinics in Perth to offer nail fungus laser treatment. It is a simple, safe and effective treatment that produces clear nails in patients with nail fungus, or "onychomycosis".

No anesthesia, no side effects and no recovery period - only significant improvements to the appearance of your nails.

How Does the Nail Laser Work?

The Nail Laser heats the nail bed enough to kill the nail fungus and its spores. The treatment may feel hot, however it will not burn your skin below or around the nail.

Research shows that the nail laser is 70–83% effective after a single treatment. You will be given post procedure information to ensure you get the best chance of successful results.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

The laser light which produces the heat is moved evenly over the nail in a grid pattern. It will take 3 – 4 passes to complete the treatment to each nail, taking approximately 1 - 3 minutes per nail. Microscopic colonies may be present on other nails - for this reason all nails on the feet will be included in our nail treatment.

Patients report a heat sensation under the nail directly underneath where the laser is passing. This is often felt more on the second or third pass. If the heat gets too uncomfortable or intense, tell your podiatrist and they will adjust their treatment depending on your feedback.




1st Treatment 2nd Treatment 3 Monthly Review
275 275 100

Two laser treatments are required, and regular check-ups are recommended to minimise the risk of reinfection. Some health funds offer a rebate, but please check with our staff and your health fund.